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Scott Kiloby: Awakening to One’s Nature

By Matthew K.

“It’s an amazing, awe-inspiring, humbling thing to realize that the very thing you have been seeking in your life is already what you are.” These are the words of author/international speaker, Scott Kiloby. This is the message of non-duality.

At present, the word “non-duality” is almost unknown in America. With its roots in ancient eastern teachings such as Zen, Advaita Vedanta, and other forms of Buddhism and Hinduism as well as Christian Mysticism in the West, the word “non-duality” is making its way to the ears, minds, and hearts of America.

What is non-duality? (also called “spiritual enlightenment).

It is a quieting of the mind so that one is not constantly emphasizing thoughts about the past and future. In this quiet mind, there is a sense of deep peace that cannot be disturbed, no matter what situation or event happens in life.

Non-Duality means, literally, “not-two.” It means that, through a change in perception, we, as humans, can actually realize that we are not separate from each other and not separate from life itself. This is more than a belief system. This is a realization available to anyone who becomes interested in knowing the truth about life and about who we are, as humans, on the deepest level. It’s like waking up out of a dream, realizing that the present moment is perfect just as it is. All seeking towards some better day in the future is seen as unnecessary. A sense of simple joy, ease, and lightness accompany this simple way of being.

According to Scott, nonduality is not “new-age” teaching. There have been a slew of new age spiritual teachings to hit the western market in the last twenty years. Although some of the teachings are influenced by the ancient non-dual traditions, most of them just reinforce separateness. They reinforce the human ego, that energetic pull within us that leads us to seek the future for completion but never truly find it. Ego is that energy within us that is never totally content. It drives us to complain, blame others, fight wars, take drugs and resist what is happening in our lives. It’s the cause and root of the discontent and unease many people carry in the background of their minds and hearts.

Awakening to one’s non-dual nature is the end of that discontent. It’s the seeing that there is no separation in life. The sense of being someone somehow cut off or separate from the universe just disappears permanently. One is left with the simple joy of living totally in the present moment.

Scott Kiloby is an American non-duality teacher helping to bring the message of non-duality to a Western audience. After years of drug addiction and trying to find happiness in material items, jobs, and other worldly attainments, Scott had a profound spiritual awakening in 2007 where he realized that his sense of self had fallen away. He experienced total Oneness where the notion that things are separate from other things was seen through completely. That realization never left him.

According to Scott, the falling away of this ego-based self leaves total inner peace, love and wisdom in its place. “It’s the very thing we are all looking for, yet we don’t know it. In not knowing it, we look for wholeness in all the wrong places like sex, drugs, material success, fame, attention, acknowledgment, therapy, vacations and many other pursuits that leave us less than fully satisfied.

This transformation beyond ego that happened to Scott is what Jesus Christ was pointing to when he said, “Die to self.” Buddha’s realization was also a seeing beyond the self or ego. After that experience, Scott was so drastically changed that a flow of words began and haven’t stopped since. He is now traveling worldwide while carrying this simple message about the truth of who we really are. He has written two books, Love’s Quiet Revolution and Reflections of the One Life, both available at Amazon.com. He is also the author of a new addiction and recovery program based on non-duality called Natural Rest: Finding Recovery Through Presence. The book is set to be released in 2011.

The interesting thing about Scott Kiloby’s teaching is that it doesn’t carry a lot of the heavy language of the traditions from which it is drawn. Many have tried to read the ancient texts, only to get bogged down in the verbiage. Scott shares in a basic, straight-forward, plain-English manner.

Scott states, “my message is about simple love, freedom, peace, and well-being in the present moment. This is more than just possible in our lifetime. It is our birthright. Enlightenment is our natural state. It is not a goal to achieve in the future. It is not an idea to grasp. It is the timeless presence that we already are. We simply overlook it each time we seek into the future. When that movement of seeking is seen for what it is, a denial of life in this moment, there can be a total relaxation into the utterly obvious beauty, mystery, and love before us in the present moment.”

Keep an eye out for Scott Kiloby‘s message.

He can be found online @ www.kiloby.com

@ www.livingrealization.org




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