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Scott Kiloby: Conscious TV Interview

by Matthew K.

At NDA we are very selective with our posts and we try to offer an interesting mix or balance of quality material for your viewing pleasure. We thought this interview with Scott Kiloby was one of the best videos we’ve ran across in a long time on the subject of nonduality or presence. Scott is very down-to-earth and has such a refreshing approach in this discussion! The interview was filmed while Scott was in London last August (2010).

Special thanks to Conscious TV for producing this treat and for putting out such great content on a variety of subjects. Conscious TV is a UK-based TV channel broadcasting on the internet, satellite TV and various cable channels in several countries. The goal of the channel is to stimulate debate, question, enquire, inform, enlighten, encourage and inspire people in the areas of Consciousness, Healing, Non-Duality and Psychology.



High Points of the Video

  • When host, Iain McNay, asked Scott about specific spiritual experiences and Scott explains that, although experiences are not the realization of non-duality, he had a couple of events happen in which the sense of separation fell away including driving in a car and experiencing no separation. On another occasion, the “entire conceptual structure of life” and all its divisions fell away.
  • Scott also explains that we believe, in our everyday experience, that we live in a world of separate objects and people, but non-duality is the seeing through of that separation, so that the present moment is not experienced as being comprised of solid, separate, fixed objects, but rather a seamless non-separation.

“The very thing we are seeking in life is presence, yet we don’t know it” – Scott Kiloby


  • Other highlights of this video include when Scott talks about non-duality being ultimately about love. This is not the love the ego knows which is often attached to the story of a person or some object. This is a love that is more akin to our true nature realized when separation is seen through. In this love, we no longer expect people to give us love. We realize we are love and that provides a sense of completion in our relationships so that we no longer try to possess and control each other. Excellent point.
  • Probably the most significant takeaway from the Conscious TV interview was near the end, when Scott takes listeners through an inquiry about seeking (which will be in his next book, “NATURAL REST: Finding Recovery Through Presence.”) The inquiry reveals that the very thing we are seeking in life is presence, yet we don’t know it. In not knowing it, we seek after objects, experiences, people, and other events in the future. The inquiry stops us dead in our tracks and let’s us taste the wholeness of the present moment. This provides a “natural rest” from seeking.



*If you enjoyed the video then you will most likely resonate with Scott’s words.





2 responses

  1. pureseeing

    Lovely post, many thanks.

    The main gems summarized so eloquently are nice teasers to “peep” this cool interview between dear Scott and Iain (only just learned that word recently as more familiar with Iain’s side of the language:)

    Namaste from a discerning reader

    November 27, 2010 at 1:03 am

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