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Undivided: Perspectives on Emerging Spirituality

We thought this event [daylong workshop/retreat] hosted by East Bay Open Circle was something many of our readers might be interested in. We get excited when we see different communities and perspectives being integrated such as at this event as there is no one definitive path.

If you are in the Berkeley (California) area and are able to attend, this event will take place on October 8 from 11am to 5 pm.

Exploration will be through dialogue, talks and meditation (and perhaps a little music)…the topic of an emerging spiritual paradigm for modern times. Topics will include:

  • a cross-traditional exploration of the nature of awakening
  • the true meaning of non-dual and integrative practices
  •  the role of practice and meditation and
  • how to live fully engaged with our busy and troubled world
























Please join us and show your support as we continue to co-create an emerging spiritual paradigm for modern times [grounded in direct experience], rather than belief systems, and the collective shared wisdom traditions of the world.

For more details visit: East Bay Open Circle

*Click here to download a .pdf flyer for the event


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