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Short Post from: SAND Conference 2011

Joan Tollifson, Jeff foster, Chuck Hillig and Scott Kiloby enjoy lunch together.

The Science and Nonduality Conference (San Rafael, California) is taking place this week.

This is a very unique gathering. Where else and you going to find more than 70 spiritual thinkers, philosophers, artists, teachers and psychologists in one locale to explore the concept [and paradox] of time? Nowhere that I know of —esp. from the perspectives of modern science, ancient traditions, philosophy, phenomenology, psychology and, of course, direct experience!

The conference, now in its third year, is well underway and features presentations of world-renowned quantum physicists, scientists, lecturers and authors like Jeff Foster, Stanislav Grof, John Hagelin, Menas Kafatos, Lynne McTaggart, David Peat, Dean Radin, Scott Kiloby, Rupert Spira, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Chuck Hillig, Joan Tollifson, Fred Alan Wolf and many more.

Stay tuned for more pic’s and event coverage.


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