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Have You Lost Your Capacity to Feel?



She stops the songs and says…

NINA: “You know that? OK, as a robot get’s itself together and we do it, and we get to the middle, where we have forgotten our feelings of love — you will help me huh?”

[enter silence here…]

You will always stay here in my heart

“no matter what the words may say, no matter what the day, no matter what they compose or do, no matter what the drugs may do or songs may do or what people may do or machines will do to you…I will always have my feelings, nothing can destroy that, cause I know that that is all that that is…”!!

  • Is this simply singing?
  • Is she giving the audience a taste of her unique capacity to feel?
  • How about you – Have You Lost Your Capacity to Feel?




*Thanks to filmmaker Roger Ingraham for the inspiration


One response

  1. Fantastic post!!! Superb-many thanks!

    October 30, 2011 at 12:10 am

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