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Bay Area Salon: Feeding Your Demons


The Nondual Wisdom & Psychotherapy Institute in conjunction with the Nondual Wisdom clinical consultation group invites you to join us in the 6th in our series of quarterly salons in the SF Bay Area. Salons are open to psychotherapists, interns, students and the interested public.


This salon will take place in San Rafael on Sunday, February 5th, from 2-5 p.m. The topic will be:


A Transformational Process for Resolving Inner Obstacles to Non-Dual Awareness


Facilitated by

Roberta Godbe-Tipp, Ph.D. and

Jeffrey Tipp, M.A.



Each salon is an opportunity to explore topics, sit with questions, open up a lively dialogue, and share discoveries at the interface of nondual wisdom and psychotherapy. This offers the possibility of venturing beyond satsangs and conferences while being together in the inexhaustible truth. It is also an opportunity for practitioners to share their work with colleagues, to network, and to build community.



Salons will include a meditation, a short talk/presentation/demonstration, followed by dialogue and discussion with all attendees, facilitated by presenter(s). A $15 donation is suggested.



To reserve a seat, send an e-mail to jushiner@comcast.net. Please put “Salon Registration” on the subject line and we will send you the address and driving directions. Seating is limited to around 25 at each venue. Reservations often fill quickly, so an early request is recommended.

*We are  now offering 3 CEU’s for MFT’s and LCSW; the cost is $10. Please e-mail your License # in advance, if you would like to receive CEU’s. Please confirm if you are coming, and a reminder for those of you who have not yet registered. Also, we have changed the format, and there is no longer a pot-luck. We look forward to seeing you in February.

If you can’t join us for the salon, remember you can stay in touch through our Yahoo group.

More info at:

NDWP Yahoo group

One response

  1. Sounds great.
    We would love to support it.
    Your invited to post the salon on http://www.Awakening360.com
    Many of our community members are interested in non-dualism.

    February 4, 2012 at 4:11 am

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