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The Nature Of The Self: SAND Europe 2012

29th May – 3rd June, 2012
Zonheuvel Conference Centre | Doorn, The Netherlands

Mystics in all ages and cultures describe the self as infinite, stable and ever-present phenomena. Modern physics describe the world as a self-moving, self-designing pattern, an undivided wholeness, a dance. We, as a society, relate to the self mostly as an individual, unique, time bound form. Our common sense, as individuals and society, hasn’t caught up with this picture and it still based on long-held biases and stories. The Earth is clearly round but we still act as if it was flat…

We live at the dawn of a scientific revolution, every day brings new findings from a wide range of scientific disciplines about what it means to be human. Modern science now gives us the detailed descriptions of the mechanisms our brain needs to construct what we call the self.

Could it be this illusionary image of ourselves as separate beings that is keeping us in this perpetual state of anxiety, scarcity, fear, dissatisfaction and leading us, as a society, at this very delicate point in evolution?



“Many of you will have heard of the Science and Non-Duality Conference [SAND] that takes place in California every October. It is coming to Europe (Amsterdam) for the first time this year. The Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh predicted recently that the next Buddha would be the community. SAND is the embodiment of this prediction, providing a dialogue between a wide diversity of non-dual teachers and traditions and many of the leading scientific researchers in this field.

However, anyone who has attended SAND will know that it is much more than a conventional conference, albeit on an unconventional subject. It is part seminar, part festival, part celebration, part satsang, and promises to bring a new and exciting forum for Non-Duality to Europe. ”

~Rupert Spira


“I’m glad to be speaking at the conference. I’ll probably tie-in my grandfather’s stay in Amsterdam a hundred years earlier where he was a social revolutionary. I might talk about how non-duality is called an inner revolution by J. Krishnamurti, a revolution of the heart by Jeannie Zandi, or love’s quiet revolution by Scott Kiloby.

Others use the term revolution in relation to non-dual understanding. Somehow I’ll bring stories about my grandfather into my talk, so I think it’ll be fun and interesting.  Also I’ll either be moderating or a panelist on a panel whose subject is The Business of Nonduality. What Maurizio and Zaya fashion with each SAND Conference is blissful and magical, and part of it is nothing less than their presence. If they didn’t show up, it wouldn’t be the same!

~Jerry Katz

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