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Chuck Surface: Shhh!


“I” was never Free.
“Bondage” was the simple fact,
Of “my” existence.

But… how can there ever have been an “I”,
If there existed no object,
To which that name applied?

What, then, was this “I”
That could not be found,
And now has vanished?

An experience.

A cloud appearing,
Roiling for a time,
And then vanishing,
Leaving the Sky revealed.

An experience,
Of being an experiencer.

But… if there was no object-experiencer,
Then what was having the experience,
Of being an experiencer?

Stop now.


Don’t name it.
Don’t make an “objectless object” of it,
A “formless form”.

Not Consciousness,
Not Brahman,
Not Self,
Not God.


Chuck Surface is a nondual poet living in Encinitas, California, with his puppy, Mahika.

Check out Chuck’s website here.

May you resonate with the poetry and many writings being offered! ~MK

The mind seeks always to “understand”,
But the Heart reads the Great Mystery as poetry.

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