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Ideas and Insight by Ta Wan [Guest Blogger]

Drop it! Who are you kidding? Trying to fool yourself that you understand it all or have an incredible piece of insight? Drop it!

I am my guru, you are your guru. Quote another and fail, follow the path of another and fail. Quoting is allowed when it expands your point or when you have personally grasped that same truth and wish to share it, deciding that the version you are quoting is better written. Apart from that you don’t quote.

A wise man once said: “I don’t know” and he was so so right that everyone ignored him as his truth was too high for them, instead they turned to the person whose truth was very long and in-depth and sounded important.

Nothing lasts. Nothing, not one thing has any real importance except nothing. No thing lasts, it is all in a state of change apart from nothing, only that lasts and it does so by maintaining the place no one else wants. All things, all ideas, all insight, come and go. They seem important, then they decay or lose relevance. Have a fantastic moment of insight, write it down, tell your dog, tell your best friend, tell your grand kids, tell yourself the very next day – all responses will be “Huh!? What are you talking about?”

Shut up, shut the fu** up and shut up.

Only have thoughts that are; funny, loving, positive, blissful, short, serve to douse other thoughts, or if you are going to think at all, ignore yourself, let your mind rattle on, but ignore it.

Empty the mind, don’t decide what you are going to do when… what you’ll say to whom when… and so on. Just open to the Wow and be. As things come to you that need to be done you will address them with a perfect emptiness, your response to it will be perfect.

The biggest waste of mind is preparing to protect yourself. Preparing for say; the boss asking you about the thing you did wrong. Just don’t bother with it at all. You have no finer response that to say “yes, I am not perfect, or pretending to be.” Wasting your thoughts on such things are:

1) wasting valuable bliss time

2) preparing for something that will [more than likely] not even happen and if it does, not the way you had it in your mind.

I had a wise old friend who used to say that is was good to be paranoid, he would always fear the worst and prepare for the worst then nearly always be pleasantly surprised that none of the bad stuff ever happened. This sounded like a great method to live by! But I came to realize not long after he died that he had wasted so much time in paranoia and was probably fearing what his wife would say when he got home right at the moment that a bus made him into a new paint job.

Don’t think, don’t worry, don’t bother. Wander through your life, enjoy the bliss and when bad stuff happens, it will, just take it and drop it. Don’t waste time thinking how you can learn your lesson from it or avoid it in the future, you can’t and you already have. If you think you can “think it through” (in your mind) as so to learn then it is also possible, and is in fact the case, that the mind can do it alone without your interaction. You have already learned the lesson by getting though the situation, you don’t need to think about it in words. Just drop it, move on, get back to being blissful again and well, I’ve had enough typing for now…[laughs].

Go and do that nice thing you were planning on doing and stop thinking and reading will you?



For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty.

You Can’t Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

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2 responses

  1. I was standing in a corner….head hanging down.. thinking… OMG what am I going to do about this situation, I asked for a sign … and of course I couldn’t tell you what it was… but it held me in a moment of sadness….well when I raised my head and opened my eyes and what did I see? my favorite button that says ” Shut the F**k Up.” and I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself ! so now I keep that button on the inside of my jacket for when I meet someone who might need that little bit of wisdom :~) and the giggle… thanks for the reminders :~)

    October 29, 2012 at 8:33 am

    • Glad you liked the post.

      For some I would imagine that it was a bit “acidic” or stern in tone but for many it was “just what the dr. ordered” as they say.

      Thanks for reading NDA and for commenting.

      October 30, 2012 at 5:53 pm

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