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A Tale of Urban Reality: Things Are Not What They Should Be

Ever see this film?

Michael Douglas plays a [disturbed] “ordinary” man whose True Identity is unknown through most of the film. He is stuck in Los Angeles traffic on a very hot summer day and finally just gives up and abandons his vehicle.

Falling Down


INTERESTING: Plot Keywords


Gang    Baseball Bat    Traffic Jam    Gun    Ethnic Slur    Drive By Shooting    Neo Nazi

Unemployment    Murder    Stabbed In The Shoulder    Moral Ambiguity    Tragedy

Racism    Corporate Downsizing    Urban Decay    Price Gouging     Violence

Dysfunctional Family    Alienation    Madman    Vandalism    Robbery     Revolver

Machine Gun     Vigilante     Rage     Uzi    Urban Nightmare     Police     Militant     Anger

One Man Crusade     Road Rage     Gay Slur     Inequality     Downsizing     Shooting

Destroying Property     Angry Customer     Layoff     Language Barrier    Desperation

Going Postal    Estranged Couple     Stabbing      Knife     Divorce     Shot To Death     Laid Off

Punched In The Face     Car Crash     Homophobia     Disgruntled Worker     Beating    Trespassing

Against The System     Loss Of Job     Misogyny   Anti Hero  Estranged Parent     Last Day On Job

2 responses

  1. greggoode

    I really liked it when it came out.  Would like to see it again one of these times!

    March 2, 2013 at 4:57 pm

  2. Rick Herranz Sr.

    Hello friends
    This above movie title was my plight for years also. I too was at WAR WITH LIFE unitl i had a period of several family crisises which lead me to begin the process of AWAKENING.

    Rick Herranz Sr.

    March 2, 2013 at 5:29 pm

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