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Simple and Immediate Realization

by Eric Gross

This is it!


This is the inconvertible, rock-solid truth of this cloud-like existence. You can now put away your books and cancel those satsang plans in Maui.

Life is spontaneous and immediate.

This is always true. Even thoughts that assert the opposite happen spontaneously. This “me and you” we have struggled with, are also spontaneous and immediate happenings.

Do we need to realize more than this?

So if you’re in the business of making plans, of committing yourself to a long and arduous meditation practice or chanting obscure sounds know that these choices also happen spontaneously, but the compelling choice to do these practices suggests a refusal to see this essential truth about every moment of life.

Why not just drop all the pretense and realize what is immediately true?


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E.GrossEric has spoken at many national conferences and has consulted with hundreds of people. His favorite topics are Navajo Peacemaking, conflict resolution, and finding wholeness and contentment.

Eric is currently creating the first violence prevention and reduction program modeled and inspired by his many years of working with traditional Navajo (Dine) Peacemakers and traditional counselors in New York City.

He is available for public talks and personal conversation. Many people have profoundly deepened their own self-understanding in personal consultations.

He lives in New York City can be reached at:

Website: Trust in Liberation<—-The Musings of a Smiling Stoic

2 responses

  1. so glad you used the picture :~)

    March 11, 2013 at 8:42 pm

  2. Julian Bates

    Come on!

    People aren’t in their essential beings enough to Just Accept it like that! Maybe some are though! I suppose it all depends on where someone is really at.

    However, if I was stripped to the core, how would these words make me feel happier, help me go beyond ‘my personal story’?

    May 9, 2014 at 6:51 am

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