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Walter Russell – The Universal One

Universal One Book

An Open Letter to the World of Science (1926):

“The Russell Cosmogony with its new concepts of light, matter, energy, electricity and magnetism is a simple yet complete, consistent and workable cosmogony which will enable future scientists to visualize the universe as a unified whole, and will open the door to the New Age of Transmutation.”

This book was distributed to scientists internationally by the author after its writing in 1926, and is now a collector’s item. The Universal One Contains many charts and diagrams. The Universal One is both a historic and present/future treasure illuminating questions about universal cosmogony and philosophical considerations of the nature of the universe.

*The Universal One is Walter Russell’s first expression of his new Cosmogony explaining the Mind-centered electromagnetic universe.

In this 1926 historic volume, Walter first reveals the possibility of transmutation of the elements.


“This is a universe of Mind, a finite universe, limited as to cause, and to the effect of cause. A finite universe, in which the effects of cause are limited, must also be limited as to cause; so when that measurable cause is known, then can man comprehend and measure all effects.

The effects of cause are complex and mystify man, but cause itself is simple.

The universe is a multiplicity of changing effects of but One unchanging cause. All things are universal. Nothing is which is not universal. Nothing is of itself alone. Man and Mind and all creating things are universal. No man can say: ‘I alone am I.’ There is but One universe, One Mind, One force, One substance. When man knows this in measurable exactness then will he have no limitations within those which are universal.” —Walter Russell


Nikola Tesla told Walter to hide his cosmogony from the world for a thousand years. Though a century or more ahead of its time, The Universal One (uniting spiritual Cause and scientifically observable Effect in a seamless whole), is now appealing to the many people—scientists and laymen alike—who are examining the nature of science and consciousness.

Tesla and Walter Russell were active in our [collective] past during the same time period, and in fact they knew each other. It might prove difficult to tell whose genius was more impressive between the two, but then we don’t have much of Tesla’s work publicly available to us in that regard. We do know however, as it was and has been for so many gifted minds of this caliber, that their genius was first absorbed (funded, co-opted and publicly suppressed) by people who had no intention of doing anything other than building bigger weapons and bank accounts with it. This type of greed and technopathy, and the secrecy it engenders, still seek to impede cultural progress and plague us today.

Furthermore, while the bulk of Tesla’s work and understandings may have been confiscated and hidden from the public, this is not the case with Walter Russell’s work. The home study course created by Walter and his wife Lao in the 1950’s can still be found in its unadulterated form. The course is a powerful meditative-study learning experience dedicated to self-transformation, spiritual awakening, and expanded consciousness, leading towards Cosmic Consciousness.

A Course in Cosmic Consciousness is designed for those desiring to increase their inner-sensory perception, unfold their own unique genius, and develop a living philosophy based on ever-expanding, life-transforming knowledge of their cosmic unity and unique destiny as an individual creative expression of Being in an eternally creating universe.




Author | scientist | business consultant | sculptor | illustrator | portrait painter | figure skater | architectural designer and philosopher



He and his wife opened the University of Science and Philosophy to further his science research and philosophical work. It was founded in 1949 by Walter and Lao Russell to discuss the least-known of all the sciences, the science of humankind. Check out the site and explore the fascinating life and very interesting body of work they left for all to learn from! Universities around the world teach a wide variety of curricula however, until the USP there has been no University that has a course which focuses on who we are, what we are, and the purpose of existence. For this reason, Walter and Lao wrote the [previously mentioned] Home Study Course.



When viewed from a cosmic perspective, life is a great adventure. Ours is a dynamic, creating universe. Life is not static, but ever-moving, ever-changing, ever-transforming, cyclic in seasons and cyclic in life patterns.

When we know who we are, when we are in touch with the spiritual center of our being, we no longer view ourselves as “victims” of an outer world over which we have no control. Unfolding our understanding from within, we KNOW ourselves as dynamic thinking “co-creators” of our world and our own destiny. We become aware of our inherent genius, be it practical or artistic. We understand ourselves as part of the dynamic, indestructible Life Force of Creation. We become creative participators in life, find the meaning of life, and discover our role in the adventure and drama of living. We see ourselves with fresh vision, in a different light. With strong desire to develop and grow, we become partners in the holistic experience of an integrated world in which we may consciously evolve to experience greater understanding, joy in creative action, and happiness in our participatory experiencing and ordering of our world. Education, from the Latin educere, means to “draw forth from within,” “to lead out.”

The integral learning offered through the University of Science and Philosophy is education in this sense of the word, resulting in the self-transcendence that comes through choice-the choice of conscious learning and growth towards understanding and enlightenment in action.




  • At the beginning of the last century, he was the nation’s foremost portrait painter of children, an author, horse breeder, champion figure skater, and originator of the cooperative housing concept.
  • Thomas J. Watson, Sr. of IBM was his patron and Adolph Ochs, publisher of the New York Times, his advocate in the media.
  • Among his friends were Enrico Caruso, Nikola Tesla, Paderewski, Mark Twain, and the Presidents Roosevelt.
  • At age 56 he turned to sculpture, rising to the top rank and producing the Mark Twain Memorial and the Four Freedoms.
  • In his scientific treatises he challenged Science to acknowledge the Supreme Being and reform theoretical physics; he urged Religion to accept science and abandon the fossilized dogma of centuries past.
  • Knowledge of the natural laws of the universe, Russell maintained, would bring about a “New Age.” To Glenn Clark, he was “The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe.”


walter_russellWalter Russell (May 19, 1871 – May 19, 1963) was an American polymath known for his achievements as a painter, sculptor, author and builder and less well-known as a natural philosopher and for his unified theory in physics and cosmogony.  He posited that the universe was founded on a unifying principle of rhythmic balanced interchange. This physical theory, laid out primarily in his books The Secret of Light (1947) and The Message of the Divine Iliad (1948–49) has not been accepted by mainstream scientists. Russell asserted that this was mainly due to a difference in the assumptions made about the existence of mind and matter; Russell assumes the existence of mind as cause while he believes that scientists in general assume the existence of mind as effect.

*In 1974, in the preface to The Universal One, Lao Russell asserted that “…Dr. Russell’s thought and awareness matured in expression and he clarified and rectified errors he felt that he had committed in his earlier writings.”

He believed mediocrity is self-inflicted and genius is self-bestowed. The content of his public lectures and his writing about living philosophy place him firmly in the New Thought Movement. In 1963, Walter Cronkite in the national television evening news, commenting on Russell’s death, referred to him as “… the Leonardo da Vinci of our time.” After Russell died – which the Russell’s referred to as being “refolded” – his wife Lao Russell kept USP going successfully until she herself was refolded in 1988.


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