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Fully Human Fully Divine – Craig Holliday

Fully_HumanThere is a value in seeing how spiritual awakening and being human meet in an ordinary Life, in relationship with our partners, kids, families and friends, with our busy lives, in illness, transitions, death, careers and in every area of our lives. This book is a call to awakening and embracing and transforming our humanity. It is a radical guide to spiritual awakening in the modern world. Not written from the monastery or ashram, but from someone who has lived in the pain of samsara, from someone who after years of seeking and meditation found surrender in the depths of pain, while life was falling apart around him.

Craig Holliday is both a nondual teacher and a therapist. He teaches in a way that instructs us to not run from life, but to face life head on through embracing every moment as it is. Through this absolute embracing, we are given the gift of discovering that our Beauty—our innate Divinity is right here within us; that our very humanity is the doorway to our freedom.

We hope you enjoy the excerpt and info below that Craig has shared with us. Check out the book!

“If you want to learn from a Guru or master or saint go elsewhere; I am simply a normal ordinary human who has struggled with life, who has been pulled in every direction and who failed totally at life; and yet, this failure lead to a deep surrender to Reality.

From this place of surrender, I write about the ineffable. If you want to examine with me, what it means to be awake and how to work with a huge amount of karma and egoic conditioning—read on. If you want to know how to work with repetitive difficult emotions, with anxiety and pain, with a career, kids and relationships read on. If you want to examine what life before, during and after awakening is; what enlightenment is beyond ancient mythological or a dogmatic understandings read on. If you are compelled to examine with me, what it means to be human and Divine—not in some philosophical sense, but in the context of a down to earth awakened practicality, join me in this.” ~Craig H.

For over twenty years I have been deeply investigating what it means to be free in this world especially in regards to the direct experience of Reality and  how we relate to being free and being human.  In my book I wanted to convey both, the direct experience of our overwhelming Divinity and Beauty, and an investigation into what it means to be free and human.  From an immature perspective it seems as if being human and being divine are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but what I have discovered is that fully embracing our humanity is the most powerful doorway to  fully embodying the nondual realization that we are one with all of Life—that we are Divine in every aspect of our self. Because through the very act of embracing our humanity on every level, we become deeply liberated on every level of existence. Through this first book, I offer an invitation to the direct discovery of our overwhelming Beauty and Divinity, through embracing every aspect of ourselves…


Being Willing  

If we want to change, grow and awaken, we have to be willing to meet our pain and every aspect of ourselves that we avoid with a total unconditional loving presence. To do this, we must first be willing to see all the difficult parts of ourselves with honesty. Not only do we need to be able to see them, but we also need to be willing to be fully open to them.  We need to be open with all of ourselves, which includes being willing to feel these difficult parts.  Most people are somewhat ok with seeing a difficult emotion or painful aspect of themselves, but when asked to actually feel and experience that emotion, they turn away and find anything else to do. But if we want an emotion or some deep pattern within us to change or transform, we have to be willing to give it our full attention.  To be free means that we do not hide from anything—especially the difficult and painful parts of ourselves. To be free in this way, we have to be fully willing to meet them with our own love and compassion and acceptance so that we can attend to what’s here and not turn away. We practically, do this through being willing to feel what’s here even if it is uncomfortable. When we fully feel an emotion in this way it naturally begins to heal and release. But if we continue to ignore it, the pain will simply simmer below the surface, until one day when we can no longer repress it, and we are forced to feel it and acknowledge what is still within us and attend to our healing work.  We can choose to do this work consciously through meeting what arises in each moment or unconsciously deny what’s here, while living in fear of that which is uncomfortable.



Colorado mountains – Al Crawford


Being free does not only mean that we are able to be open and honest with all the difficult parts of ourselves. It also means that we are willing to see our own Beauty and Spaciousness as well.  And a funny thing happens when most people look at their own Beauty and Spaciousness; they become scared—scared because they never knew this to be themselves. Or scared because they know this is the Truth of themselves, and if they are going to live from that place they must give up all the silliness of their own minds (all their thoughts and opinions about themselves and others).  Or perhaps, scared because of knowing themselves as something totally new is so foreign to them and they would have to give up their old identities. Most people are really scared of something new—especially being something new and unknown; which means we may have to be willing to be uncomfortable for some time as we adjust to being a greater and more expanded version of ourselves. The biggest fear that most seekers face is that in embodying this Beauty, they will somehow die. It is true in a sense that there will be a death. It is a death of the ego as the forefront of our consciousness. The ego will certainly still be there, but it will take the back seat to this Beauty and Spacious Consciousness that we are. Our constant invitation is for us to be willing to walk into the unknown, and embrace whatever arises, as we discover once again our own Radiant Self.


The above excerpt was taken from Fully Human Fully Divine Awakening to our Innate Beauty through Embracing our Humanity. This work explores deep questions such as: what does it mean to be awake and human, how do we work with our emotions and thoughts, what does it mean to be embodied, is there a permanent self, and what happens to our mind and ego after awaking, and how is our relationship with life and our perception of Reality affected post awakening?

Fully Human Fully Divine is available in e-book or print form at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo and GooglePlay.




craig holliday (bio pic)Craig has spent 20 years intensely seeking, meditating and studying with some of the world’s finest nondual teachers. Beyond his spiritual training, he has also bridged the gap between eastern spirituality and western psychotherapy. After years of trying to transcend his humanity through meditation and spirituality, his search brought him to the study of psychology and the emphasis on working with our humanity instead of simply trying to transcend it. Through this combined work of psychology and nondual spirituality, Craig offers a seamless transmission of nondual spirituality which fully acknowledges our humanity and our overwhelming Beauty and Divinity.

His work is dedicated to the discovery of our innate Divinity in every aspect of our lives. He works in a way that addresses our everyday human suffering as a doorway to our inherent freedom.

Craig offers Satsang, workshops, retreats and meets with individuals from around the world via Skype.

For more information about Craig visit: craigholliday.com

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