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The Universe Doesn’t Give a Flying Fu** About You – Johnny Truant [Random Viewpoints]

Wow – now that’s a harsh title you might say!

If this makes you shrug your shoulders or flies right past you, then forget about it [as you didn’t “see” it anyway]. If this hits you then check out the Epic Series (which is available free on Kindle/Amazon).

Part Reality Check? Equal parts sarcasm and humor. Partly a gentle “kick in the ass” for some perhaps?

If you walk around every day on eggshells, nervous about making a mistake or looking stupid, then you should read this.

*If you have a “next big thing” in mind you want to do because you know it will be awesome (starting the business, making the big move, launching the nonprofit, writing the book) but are afraid of doing what it would take to make that thing happen, then you should read this.


dancing snowflakes

The universe is very big.


You are very small.

In fact, you’re so small and so insignificant in the big picture that you don’t even register to the eye of the cosmos. The universe was here before you were born and will be here long after you’re gone, and your life is but a blip on its vast, vast radar. If your life is to matter, it’s not going to matter to the universe. It’s up to you make your life matter in the only way you can: by doing things that make a difference to you, to those around you, and to those whose lives you touch.


Time is short.


You have exactly NOW to do whatever it is your here to do, or to let the inexorable passage of hours and days and years kill your potential; like fruit left to die on a vine.

The universe doesn’t hate you, but it doesn’t love you, either. You’re just an atom in its infinite workings. The universe doesn’t care if you live, die, suffer, or thrive. Whatever your life here will mean is up to you.

Stop worrying so much about what others think and start being who you’re supposed to be. It’s time to do some epic shit!


dancing snowflakes IIMotion Graphics by Pawel Wypych



Popular Highlights or Johnny’isms

  • You can’t be a bad person who does good things. If you do good things, you’re not bad; you’re good.
  • Stop waiting for someone to give you what you want. The universe is too busy to care. It has worlds to create and galaxies to destroy.
  • If you’re worried about death and about your own end, don’t. It’s coming whether you like it or not. You will either arrive at the end of your life in style or you will arrive broken and beaten, but whichever way you choose, have no doubt that you WILL ARRIVE.
  • You are here now. Eventually, you will be gone. You have but a nanosecond on the universal clock to do whatever it is you’re going to do. When that time is gone, it’s gone…Forever.



About Johnny 

johnny truantJohnny B. Truant is the author of Fat Vampire and The Bialy Pimps, as well as the creator of JohnnyBTruant.com, a popular blog with a fiercely loyal readership that covers entrepreneurship, outside-the-box thinking, and human potential.

He is also a regular contributor to premier business blogs Copyblogger and Problogger, the director and MC of the Virtual Ticket program for BlogWorld & New Media Expo, the world’s preeminent blogging and new media conference.

Creator of The Badass Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating excuses and profiling people with disabilities who make most so-called “able-bodied” people look like total wimps.



*from the e-book description on Amazon

3 responses

  1. chidambarstef

    Why would this be posted on a non-duality site?
    Clearly dualistic perceptions here!

    January 3, 2014 at 4:27 am

    • Hi C,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I liked the overall “message” in the writings.

      “In our world of duality, any effort to focus all attention on the light only serves to increase the power of the dark.
      Our aim is not to deny or reject anything – but to embrace it ALL.”

      P.S. It was also posted in the RANDOM VIEWPOINTS section, which is a special section we created for “off-topic/anything goes” type of offerings.

      Thx. again for your reply and for reading NDA.

      C.Matthew King

      January 6, 2014 at 1:20 am

  2. Teri

    This works potentially- to be present, or to miss it. If thought misses the moment , i never get it back, and when it happened i was essentially dead, moment to moment. Each moment whatever it is, is like a reference book. hehe…All this info, i read about discovering the pathless path true nature remains within eternal empty pages, since the ultimate source isn’t an object or thing of it’s own knowledge, then neither is it ours either. haha. Great Post btw!

    January 19, 2014 at 10:40 pm

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