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25 Illuminating Quotes (from Duality to Nonduality)

Jac O'Keeffe  (quotes)

  1. Personality is a useful tool but it cannot define who you are. Who you are lies far beyond who you think you are.
  2. As long as the ‘I’ is looking for peace, there will be no peace.
  3. Right here, right now, you can settle into your most natural state, that which enjoys uninterrupted peace of mind and liberation in your heart.
  4. Happiness is a direct experience arising from your innate nature.
  5. All external circumstances, activities, possessions and events are designed to keep the mind entertained. But happiness is outside the realm of the mind.
  6. What you are cannot be known intellectually. You can’t ‘get it’ but there is an inner knowing within you that can recognize the echo of what reveals itself.
  7. Rest at the source of the next thought. That’s all.
  8. Let your attention be on what is taking place, not on how you fear it may impact you.
  9. To abide in your natural state requires no movement or doing on your part.
  10. Stopping unnecessary mental doing allows the natural state to arise. Deep stillness always rests under an agitated mind.
  11. Relax. Resting mind activity disarms gross identification. There is no ‘how’ to stop thinking. Simply stop getting involved in the stories of your thoughts.
  12. In any moment, you are either observing effortlessly or you are believing your thoughts.
  13. Let your mind be in total chaos. Your levels of thought activity are of no significance. Do not lose your attention in the story of any thought, and thoughts will subside.
  14. Through your thoughts, you made what is unreal real to you.
  15. The world cannot exist independently of your mind, so how can the world be other than mind?
  16. When there is no idea of what silence is or is not, then there is silence. Yet this is not a happening: it simply is.
  17. Non-duality is best considered as a disposition of the mind. It is not appropriate for application to worldly affairs, and the wisdom to deal with such matters must therefore be developed independently.
  18. The search for truth does not end in finding truth phenomenally: there is nothing gained anew in Self-realization.
  19. The phenomenal world is no more than the play of consciousness trying to control, trying to make itself understood and known to itself.
  20. It is slavery to imagine yourself to be in a process, to have a past and future and to imagine you are going somewhere. What you are is not developing or heading to an end point.
  21. If you can experience presence, you cannot be presence. If you can experience being-ness, you cannot be being-ness. Whatever can be identified you cannot be.
  22. Learn to listen without distortion and learn to look without imagination.
  23. See that every mode of perception is subjective, and that every idea of what life is exists only in your mind. Stop attributing names and form to what is essentially nameless and formless.
  24. There is no conflict between regular life and the theory of non duality. Remain in regular life; let life happen with all of its worldliness and let your attention rest within.
  25. Let there be contentment with whatever is happening, in any moment.



2 responses

  1. This is wonderful! Thank you.

    January 14, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    • Hi Amanda,

      Nice to hear from you. Yes, Jac’ has a beautiful way of pointing doesn’t she!
      Thank you for your comment and for supporting NDA.

      Much Love,

      C.Matthew King

      January 17, 2014 at 1:34 am

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