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Falkenbach – Eweroun [Video]

…because I like it.

“As you realize yourself in manifestation, you keep on discovering that you are [ever more] than what you have imagined.” ~Nisargadatta

In agreement with modern music marketing, Falkenbach is a “Viking metal group” from Germany.  The one permanent member [of the group] is Vratyas Vakyas.

English translation of “Eweroun” = Evermore

German translation of “Falkenbach” =  Falconbrook

Markus Tümmers

You may have noticed some of the lyrics in the video. There is much debate over what language they are singing in.

According to Vratyas – “The language itself is some kind of German | Dutch dialect, once spoken in a rather small area of western Germany, parts of the Netherlands and Belgium. Why did I choose this language…it’s the language of my grandparents and those before them.”

Falkenbach – Asa


“Absolutely astonishing.”

“That is just so beautiful it hurts.”

“Simply brilliant.. After all these years, making you remember something you thought was forgotten.”

“This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.”

“Those heavenly sounds let go a shiver through my spine.”


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