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The Nonduality Club [Humor]


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This reminded me of some of the Comment sections on various ND-related sites out there.

You know where there’s a heckler in every crowd! A know-it-all [aka’ comment troll] that will fight til’ death to try to prove his point – or prove you wrong. Or the wannabee teachers/nonteachers who try to one-up the previous person who commented or those who pick holes at the featured content or author.

Even Brad Pitt knows it’s futile to talk about talking [laughs]…and of course, one can argue that there are no rules or even duality.


  • There is no duality; the mind, awake or dreaming, moves through maya (“illusion”); and only nonduality (Advaita) is the final truth.
  • This truth is concealed by the ignorance of illusion.
  • There is no becoming, either of a thing by itself or of a thing out of some other thing.
  • There is ultimately no individual self or soul (jiva), only the atman (universal soul), in which individuals may be temporarily delineated just as the space in a jar delineates a part of main space: when the jar is broken, the individual space becomes once more part of the main space.


[ building further on the Mahayana Buddhist concept of shunyata (“emptiness”) ].

3 responses

  1. Talking, writing, thinking, and fighting about nonduality are just that — talking, writing, thinking, and fighting about nonduality.

    March 19, 2014 at 12:36 pm

  2. I liked the last part of this, maybe because the beginning, the fighting aspect of it kinda threw me a bit, and the quotes that followed had a greater impact. I copied into my latest post the last Guadapada quote: ‘There is ultimately no individual self or soul (jiva), only the atman (universal soul)…’ There’s a reference to here and you’ll receive a pingback shortly… thanks

    March 20, 2014 at 6:40 am

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