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Lazy Person’s Feng Shui – Joey Lott [Guest Blogger]

I’ll admit, I went through a Feng Shui phase. And, as is not surprising, it turned into yet another thing to stress about. Was my bed facing the correct way? How was my prosperity corner? What about my relationship corner? Should I follow form or compass?

As a side note, I also went through a numerology phase. Same sorts of problems. Lots of obsession. Lots of pointless concern over pointless things.

Oh, and my Feng Shui and numerology phases overlapped. That was hell! I drove all over L.A. looking for the “right” location to rent a mailbox. Couldn’t find one. Always something wrong.

So I’ve recently hatched the idea of creating the Lazy Person’s Feng Shui, which greatly simplifies the whole process.

There is only ONE rule to the Lazy Person’s Feng Shui (and that rule is):

1. “whatever happens, just let go.”

Pic MacKenzie Haley

Pic MacKenzie Haley


Because finally, it’s possible to discover that you’re not in control. And I can tell you that from my own experience, that’s such a relief. It’s not that I’m not in control and it’s a scary universe in which other forces are in control. Rather, it’s just the simple recognition that whatever is happening is all that is. There is no separate me – not even an observer. All that is, is this.

  • Ultimately, what am I hoping to accomplish by placing my couch so that it faces due north with a mirror behind it?
  • Am I trying to prevent some future badness or achieve some future goodness?
  • Or, more honestly, am I trying to avoid some present feeling or thought or sensation?

When I really began to look, I found something very surprising: if I try to do anything at all, then I seem to miss out on the utter simplicity of being myself exactly as I am right now. And letting go just reveals what already is – which is more wonderful than anyone could imagine. Trying to control isn’t morally wrong. It’s just impossible. Because eventually it becomes apparent that there isn’t anything apart from this.

Finally, it’s possible to discover that there is a complete impossibility of controlling anything simply because it becomes impossible to find anyone, anything, anywhere, or anytime.

Finally, love reveals itself to be all that is. Completely receptive. Completely unconditional. Nothing else. Only this. Just this.


So there you have the Lazy Person’s Feng Shui.




Joey LottJoey Lott lives in New Mexico with his partner, their children, and a dog.

He writes extensively about his passions – mostly in hopes of saving others from the sorts of needless suffering that he experienced in his years of seeking for something better than what is (Hint: there is nothing other than what is.

You can visit Joey’s website at

2 responses

  1. T Hopkins

    Isn’t it funny that we have nothing to worry about unless we look for things to worry about–unless we decide to worry? Life is one big learning experience. Many times I’ve gotten completely obsessed about something until I’ve exhausted it (and myself), only to find it was a detour off my path and that I didn’t need it anyway. Hard lesson learned. Seems like, in life, we could spare others the trouble if they learned from our mistakes, but what’s even funnier to me is that people often still learn best when they learn the hard way.
    What is, is.
    Thanks always for the profundity with a humorous twist, Joey. 🙂

    October 29, 2014 at 10:48 am

    • @dawn

      Hi T, Did you really find the one who is learning? What are we learning and why?

      December 27, 2014 at 4:56 am

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