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Peter Dziuban

The New True Infinity

The infinity of spirituality means “no finity” whereas the infinity of science is a big, vast finity.  Join us as Peter explores the all-important differences, and what they mean. This recording is from the last Science and Nonduality Conference [2010], where Peter discusses an Infinity that is radically different from the “infinity” traditionally used in science and mathematics, and which is even unknown to many philosophers and nondualists!


Traditionally, infinity has been assumed to be an endless amount or size, an unthinkably huge “something” that extends or goes on forever.  It could be endless counting: 1, 2, 3, up to 3 billion, up to 3 quadrillion and on and on.  Or it could be endless light years in space.  However, this understanding of “infinity” has started from finity.  It has started out with that which is countable, measurable, observable, and has some kind of form —whether numerical or otherwise.  Then it extends that finity endlessly.  That’s the key—it has started with finity and says infinity is an endless finity.
Peter then asks the audience to simply look more closely at the word infinity. It’s really in-finity.  The prefix “in” means “no.”  And this is what makes clear the all important point: in-finity really means no-finity.  So Infinity, seen this way, is not endless finity—it’s the complete absence of finity!  There is all the difference in the world between the two.
According to Peter, Infinity means having nothing to count, nothing to measure, no quantity, no form—all of which is pointing directly at Presence, pure Awareness, Being.  Peter then concludes his talk by discussing how this Infinity, no-finity, of Presence provides a new “perspective” that enables one to step off the limited platform of mere finite seeing by way of the mind, and discern new answers to the “big questions” of Life that science is trying to answer.

Semi Plenary 3: Infinity through Presence

*We received special clearance to host this audio from Neti Neti Media (thanks Maurizio). Sorry, no downloads. You can purchase your very own copy of this (as well as other speakers from the conference) directly from the Conference Recordings site
There are some slight audio [technical] difficulties during the first seven minutes of the recording. Have patience as it gets better.

Enjoy the audio!

2 responses

  1. pureseeing

    Very lucid and beautiful as ever-great job!
    Many thanks, dear Peter and Matt! Lovely post!

    February 2, 2011 at 12:00 am

  2. An eye opening discussion of a most essential subject for those who are seeking to know themselves and the world around them.
    Peter is a fearless explorer of inner realms of being or existence which takes one on a journey unsurpassed by any other. His insightful
    perspectives resonate with ones own truth thus gives the thinker/seeker all he needs for exploration of his own. I am feeling that I have crossed some sort of threshold since reading his book and hearing him speak. Experiencing Peter was for me to experience infinity.

    September 15, 2011 at 12:02 pm

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