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Book excerpts

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Transmission of the Flame

Dialogues between Jean Klein and his students and friends in Europe and the United States.

Jean Klein


Ordinary Freedom

*Foreword by Adyashanti

Prose and dialogues on freedom with Jon Bernie.

Jon Bernie

Clear In Your Heart

The Radiant Mirror of Self-Shining Awareness

A new collection of writings by John Wheeler

John Wheeler

The Wonder of Being

Awakening to an Intimacy Beyond Words

A combined and fully revised edition of Jeff Foster’s first books ‘Life Without a Centre’ and ‘Beyond Awakening.

Jeff Foster


Consciousness is All

Now Life is Completely New

Second revised edition. Five important chapters are offered here free!

Peter Francis Dziuban

Living as A River

Finding Fearlessness in the Face of Change

The first chapter is offered here.


Living Realization

Recognizing Present Awareness

Chapter one excerpt is offered here.

Scott Kiloby

One Drop Awareness

Picturing Enlightenment & Nonduality

Chapter one excerpt is offered here.

Tom Crockett


The Direct Path

The Direct Path: A User Guide

Intro/chapter one excerpt is offered here.

Greg Goode


The Deepest Acceptance

Radical Awakening In Ordinary Life

Chapter excerpt is offere.

Jeff Foster

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