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We’ve Been Asked…[New Series] #1

Q: What is a spiritual path?

A path implies the connecting of one point with another.

It is an experiential process to be traversed, not a philosophy to be learned or accepted. It involves the personal transformation of the person on the particular path. A spiritual path is one which can potentially lead to the realization and actualization of our true nature.

To realize true nature means to have experience of it, and to be able to discriminate between that and our ordinary states. To actualize true nature means to achieve a level of integration that permits the embodiment of that deeper dimension of our being.


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Q: Don’t all paths lead to the same goal?

Not exactly.

Reality is one, but has many facets and aspects. If we explore the various spiritual paths, we will find that they each make one aspect of reality central to their aspirations. Some lead to a relationship with the divine, others to union with it. Some recognize the personal dimensions of existence, others consider them illusory. Some think there is a Self; others aim at No Self.




*The answers to these questions are from the Ridhwan School. The school is oriented around the Diamond Approach to Self-Realization as developed by A. Hameed Ali [aka’ A.H. Almaas]. The approach utilizes a method of open-ended inquiry into one’s immediate experience as a means of liberating the soul from the conditioned patterns of the past and the fixed ideas and beliefs about one’s identity and the nature of reality.