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Under the Rug – Kim Schrag Paintings [Artistic Endeavors]

In this latest installment of the Artistic Endeavors section, we are pleased to feature artist Kim Schrag. Long time readers of NDA will have seen her vibrant works adorning many of our posts. Kim’s work is certainly a feast for the eyes.  N-Joy the “Under the Rug” gallery below (click on any image to view the gallery).

A note from Kim:

“This is my new series of oil paintings on plaster. You may remember a series I did a few years ago with this technique. I love the surface quality. They have been mounted with a 3” white mat and a cherry frame (by Fernando of course).

“The series is a commentary on the experience of being human. I am trying to be more aware of what is usually not seen or talked about and create images that reflect my observations. There will be a show this spring of the 14 paintings at Corners Gallery in Ithaca.”

There is also a book now available with the images.


  • Awareness
  • Roots
  • A Leap of Faith or Hitting Bottom
  • Accumulation of Memory
  • Freedom and Anxiety
  • In Gods House
  • Just One More
  • Riding the Wave of Time
  • The Barn
  • The Birth of the Universe
  • The Emergence of Form
  • The Story I Was Told
  • The Swimmers
  • Under the Rug