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Nirmala – Meeting the Mystery (new book)

I’m happy to announce a new book from Nirmala called Meeting the Mystery—along with a preview and an exclusive 30 minute audio sample for download! We would like to thank Nirmala for sharing this with our readers for his latest book launch (see below for details).

Exploring the Aware Presence at the Heart of All Life

What is the source of the aliveness and awareness, which are fundamental to all life? What is the nature of desire, and how do our desires relate to suffering? How do we know what is true? What is the nature of belief, and how do our beliefs affect our ability to experience the deeper reality that is always here? And in the midst of these mysteries, how do we live our daily lives in the most satisfying and integrated way?

Meeting the Mystery explores these questions and will help you discover new dimensions and possibilities in your life. This collection of articles and answers to questions posed by spiritual seekers is a springboard to ever deeper inquiry into the greatest mystery of all—Presence, which is who you really are.


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*Also included with this book are links to seven mp3 recordings of talks given by Nirmala that expand on the material in the book. These talks are not available anywhere else (listen to the exclusive sample above). The other audio links are found at the end of each chapter of the book.



Space is another fundamental quality of our Being and of all existence. Without space, everything would disappear. Without space, where would you put everything? What a miracle it is that we have space for everything! Where does all of this space come from? Why is there a here and a there and an infinite number of other places all made up of the empty dimension we call space?

Surprisingly, although space is empty, it is also alive and aware. We usually think of space as nothing, as empty and dry. But this nothing, or no-thing, is the source of everything. Space is the source of the awareness that is reading these words and of the love, peace, and joy that come with awareness. Space has an infinite energy and capacity within it, which creates and becomes all the forms, bodies, and expressions of this universe.

Pic Quentin Arnaud


However, we tend to see the emptiness of space as a problem, as something to be filled, as an experience of lack or incompleteness. We are taught at a very young age that any emptiness we feel is filled from outside: Our hunger and thirst are provided for by others. Our physical emptiness and discomfort are relieved by our mother or other caretaker. Even before we have language, we’ve developed a conditioned response to inner sensations of emptiness or lack. We have learned to look outside ourselves to satisfy any sense of emptiness or lack. This aspect of our conditioning takes us away from the true source of our soul’s nourishment and love, which is in the space itself.

As a result of this conditioning, we develop very little familiarity with the experience of space itself because space is felt to be a problematic emptiness or lack. We are too busy trying to resolve or reduce the sensations of emptiness or lack to explore space itself in greater depth: What is the sensation of emptiness like? How does nothingness feel when it appears inside us? How big is the empty space? Can the emptiness inside actually feel bigger than our body? How is that possible? And what is the texture or quality of the space that seems to be lacking something? Is it completely clear and lacking all qualities, or is the emptiness dark or bright, heavy or light, dry or moist? If the open space inside us feels lacking in something we want, like love or a sense of our own worth, is there anything else that is present in the space? And finally, does the emptiness hurt us or cause us any harm? Or is it our resistance to the feelings of lack and our effort to change our experience that cause us to suffer?

Download a sample chapter from Meeting the Mystery.

*This free download is chapter 7 of the book.

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