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The Unknowable Reality Of Things

by Rupert Spira


Every time I Open My Eyes

I invite the world to take shape

And every time the world takes shape

I ‘m invited to open my eyes

And see the world raw and naked

Holding out its hand

Calling me into it’s self

Where I am taken into the Transparency of Things

And find myself transparent there

Standing on the edge looking down

And in to the dark silent pool in which the world is cradled

And I am cradled there, held with all things

And hold all things in myself

Myself, not a thing in the world but this – Here – Seeing

In which the world opens, inviting and offering itself

And every time it is seen – It dies

And in dying,  holds out it’s hand again

Asking to be taken in

And every time I take it in

I too die

And in dying – am known

As this Here – Seeing

Every Time I Open My Eyes

Rupert Spira





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