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MindFULL or Mindful? [Artistic Endeavors]

mindful cartoon

*Everyone: Meet Zee & Percy



Making A Mountain out of a Molehill

Jon Kabot-Zinn defined Mindfulness as a means of paying attention in a particular way: On purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmental.  This involves learning how to accept what happens without becoming over involved in a negative and demanding way that life should be different. We learn how to accept our own and other people’s fallibility without suffering because of it. ~HB



About Zee

[“the human”]

An nice, normal guy who often feels the whole world is against him. Some of his angst can probably be traced back to his parents, who named him ‘Zee’ Beatty. See what they did there?


About Percy

[“the doggie”]

Percy is an unusually rational dog. Looks after the emotional well-being of Zee.



Zee is troubled. Nothing seems to be going his way. Can his usually rational dog, Percy, save him from THE SOCKS OF DOOM?

  • On the site listed below you can read an excerpt from the book and buy a PDF version.
  • You can now buy a printed copy from CBT Partnership.
  • You can also join in Zee and Percy’s conversation.



Check Out: SocksofDoom.com


*Excellent cartoon © from the book Socks of Doom by author |Consultant | Cognitive Behaviour Therapist Henck van Bilsen & Archipelago