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Mandi Solk – The Joy of No Self

by Matthew K.

What I like about this “warm and bubbly book”  (as a another reviewer so accurately stated), is that it is so genuinely down-to-earth and charismatic. Coming in at just over 100 pages, this charming work —which is subtitled Reflections on the Nondual Nature of Everything, was a breath of fresh air for me to read as her writing is very clear-cut. The book also has several unique poems and what I will simply call a “musical” undertow throughout, which appears to be coming from a musician’s point of view and or creative type perhaps and I can certainly appreciate that.

On page five, Mandi states that “this book wrote itself. The words came from “Presence” and that which is reading this book right now, is the same Presence.” I like that!

Being a musician myself, I instantly resonated with the contents on page seven, which says “When reading these pages, the aliveness may be found in-between the words and lines.” I totally agree!

She even goes on to quote Debussy: “Music is the silence between the notes.” (He also said: “In opera there is too much singing!”). And that is a perfect example of some of the witty humor and why her little book (as she sometimes refers to it) is in fact such a joy to read.

As the (perfect) description states, The Joy of No Self is really about seeing beyond the search for ‘home’. There is no journey necessary because ‘home’, or ‘Being’ is all there is. Seeking can end right now, because Liberation is already the case. When it is seen that there is no ‘Self’ – then there is no suffering…this is the Joy of No Self!


My favorite quote from the book is:

“Just because it’s empty it doesn’t mean we have to fill it”

Mandi Solk

How can you not love a book that includes a plug from Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It”, quotes from the Bible, a “Nonduality Rap”, a Q&A section and even a page that was written in “invisible ink!” Many thanks for sharing this creative work Mandi.

You can purchase the book directly from Lulu or Amazon. Click here to visit Mandi’s website, where you will find videos, writings, photos and other great info about nonduality.


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