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Transformation by Ray Madrigal

Poetry and Photographs by Ray Madrigal


We are beyond,

Beyond what we have read by the light of so many moons,

A quarter, to half, to full and back.

A shadow behind us,

We are born from this,

Until feeling the sun at our backs

Even as we stand up in exquisite castles

Never far from mud

Embryos, all of us

Magicians by breath

Longing for a moment where there is no other moment

Like waves searching for sand untouched

And although the roles played, embraced

We are more than actors

Or one costume handed in for another

For we are amongst flowers and forests that burn and rebuild

Each of us ancient without the sense of this

Bubbles of beauty forgotten

Sadness not new

And yet the arch of love

Grand and succulent

Perpetual in it’s call

A varied wholeness

No death, to the contrary


Ray Madrigal ©2011 all rights reserved


I have photographed seriously for 25 years.  Photography to me is about energy and vibrancy, whether this be with people, trees, or a flowers or the sky.

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