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Wake Up, Wake Up & Remember Who You Are

JaLee bookThis book contains JaLee’s original diary writings and true life experiences.

JaLee is a pen name sharing her story with anyone inspired to [experientially] awaken to the truth of who you really are. She could be your next door neighbor, satsang friend, sister, co-worker or even you.

Her first gurus were doodle bugs, sunflower seeds, slurpies and self inquiry beginning at age six in the early 70’s. Observing life, suffering and welcoming relief, angels appeared to her until Ramana Maharshi whispered in her ear thirty years later. She’s never been to India yet somehow peace found her anyway. She resides in the United States, lives an ordinary life and does not teach.

Book Description Excerpts:

Part I, Ramblings from a Truth Seeker’s Path, (1977-2000), begins with a piece written at age thirteen and continues with various writings until age thirty-six. She shares her joy, loneliness, hope and deep emotional pain in these early writings. The pain she experienced reflects a universal struggle in which our human suffering fuels desire to know the truth about who we are.

Part II, Journey into No Path, (2000), illuminates a truth seeker’s journey into deep inner peace—a remembrance of I am that I am, a conquest over every thought that I think I am. This blissful realization was celebrated in the piece Awakening on the Airplane, composed after experiencing a radical epiphany on August 27, 2000 as she was sitting in an airplane reading a book.

Part III, Bliss Years, (2000-2003), briefly glimpses into newly awakened, passionate and ecstatic expressions celebrated through poems, prose and ordinary life experiences.

Part IV is called Life after Awakening, (2004-2010). There’s really nothing to say about this except it’s the simplest chapter of all.

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Message to Readers

by JaLee

Warmly I whisper to you, “Wake up, wake up and remember who you are—the exquisite One you already are!” Yet who am I to suggest this? What do I know more than you? Strangely enough, I know nothing more than you. I’m not a spiritual guru or someone offering you a new belief system. On the contrary, I’m an ordinary person who realized one day that my belief in my beliefs, only fooled me most of my life.

This book contains a narrated collection of writings from my private diary spanning twenty-three years of emotional suffering, ending with spiritual awakening— enlightenment, oneness recognition, now presence and experiential nonduality—deep and irreversible inner peace.

Oh, and that “soufflé” thing in the book’s title is just a light-hearted way of saying, “Really now, how seriously are we going to take this awakening claim crapola?” In one sense it’s completely laughable (my nonduality friends are bobbling their heads up and down now) yet paradoxically, it’s painfully serious as well. Planetarily or relatively speaking, our collective consciousness has sleep-sufferd long enough. It’s simply time to wake up!

Or not! That’s the coolest part of all. Truly nothing in our One heart needs to change. But until we all deeply realize that, we’ll continue being driven by an innate and unexplainable wanting of things to be different than they are. We’ll continue playing this elusive hide and seek game together until our need to change magically morphs into knowing, beyond thought, that it’s all just perfect as it is or isn’t, right now. And until then, game’s on.

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Image: Francesca Cattaneo

Image: Francesca Cattaneo



So drifting back to the topic of this book now, my shifting shamanic journey and rapid dismantling process did seem like a big deal at the time. But really as it faded into everyday life, the whole shebang was known to be nothing at all. And although the initial experience did feel like the ole’ cosmic two by four knocking me blissfully to the moon, I’m not claiming an exclusive, mystical experience here. There’s nothing elitist or woo woo about it all. I’m talking about a simple perception shift where my mind collapsed into ordinary okay-ness with who I am now and life as it is now—unwavering inner peace aliveness permeating all human stories arising, no matter what.

This cellular peace shift didn’t turn me into someone special. It’s available to anyone regardless of who you are or what you believe because ultimately all these ideas fall away, leaving only you, the real you beyond any mind belief—this is peace. Even the word peace is just a thought in the end. As all thoughts drop away, what remains?

The most direct spiritual path cuts through our human story illusion and points the seeker to exhaust all searching through inner inquiries such as:

  • Who am I?
  • Who am I not?
  • What am I?
  • What am I not?
  • What is self?
  • What is not?
  • What is real?
  • What is not?

Numerous instructors teach oneness or nonduality influenced, direct paths to awakening, including Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle and many others. These committed teachers and their student’s hunger to be free, inspired this diary’s publication.

So although I can’t claim anyone reading here will discover an instant recipe for awakening, I can safely say that a classic shedding process commonly experienced by many who awaken, is succinctly revealed here. This means that anyone who sees his or herself in my character, or resonates with my core struggles or insights, may find these reflective experiences helpful. My deepest intention in sharing this journey is to nurture the realm of possibilities and hope for others suffering just like me. Follow the bouncing ball dear friends. Love knows the way.

You are reading this by no accident. A deep longing within you welcomes this moment. This longing knows , beyond thought, who you are. This longing desperately wants you to remember. The potential for remembering lives inside you right now.


Peace is already here.

Freedom is knocking at the door.

Awakening is possible.


Information on direct path, self-inquiry, oneness or nonduality influenced teachers can be found on her website: