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Is India More Nondual Than Chicago?

What we have for your reading pleasure today is an exclusive “sneak peek” inside Joan Tollifson’s forthcoming book entitled Painting the Sidewalk with Water: Talks & Dialogs about Nonduality.  In this, her third book, Joan points to Here/Now, the simplicity of what is (whether that’s traffic sounds, the smell of coffee, the humming of the refrigerator or sensations in the body) and it invites direct exploration, not taking on new beliefs. Joan simply questions all the various ways that thought attempts to conceptually grasp and frame the movement of life.

She talks about seeing through the thoughts, stories and beliefs that create our human suffering and waking up to the boundless, seamless reality of this infinite, ever-new present moment!

I love Joan’s open and explorative (not overly methodical or dogmatic) approach —she is a “straight-shooter” and always invites the reader to look and listen for themselves! Painting the Sidewalk with Water invites simple awareness of whatever is showing up, without doing anything to change it and without seeking a result.

*I especially like how Joan is able to reveal the perfection in the apparent imperfection (with great subtlety and humor I might add) and the extraordinary in what appears most ordinary.

The book, Painting the Sidewalk with Water, is a collection of talks and dialogs about nonduality based mainly upon transcriptions of meetings Joan held in Chicago between 2004 -2006. The following excerpt, “Is India More Nondual than Chicago,” is a complete chapter. Enjoy the preview and please remember to “look + listen for yourself!” -Matthew