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Nonduality for Dummies

by Robert Keegan

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Even with today’s superabundance of [supposed] nondual teachers expressing themselves, seekers still seem confused as to what a nondual sensibility actually is.

The word Advaita means not two and expresses as nearly as possible in words the perception that all and everything is already only oneness, and that there is nothing else but THIS.

The nature of THIS is incomprehensible and so any communication about it can only be an interpretation of the ideas that surround it. Those ideas can either be generated from confusion or clarity.

However, to suggest that one idea is better than the other and that the telling or the hearing of those ideas are a personal choice, would be a contradiction of the very essence of the Advaita perception.

All appearance is THIS.

All that apparently manifests in the hypnotic dream of separation – the world, the life story, the search for home, is one appearing as two, the nothing appearing as everything, the absolute appearing as the particular.

There is no separate intelligence weaving a destiny and no choice functioning at any level.

The nondual perspective is not asking us to acknowledge anything hidden and complex.

It’s asking us to realize the obvious.

It simply acknowledges that forms seem to exist, but don‘t truly exist, and it further acknowledges that we seem to be directing our lives, but don‘t truly direct our lives.

There is a great, unformed, inexplicable flow…automatically presenting itself as the liveliness of this moment.

Nothing is happening but THIS, as it is.

It is the wonderful mystery.


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*Article [which is a compilation of various view points from T. Parsons, D. Bailey and Robert Keegan] used by permission from the Swanwick Centre.

The Centre opened in 1977 as a school based on the teaching of J. Krishnamurti who himself visited the Centre in 1978. After the closure of the school in 1981, the property was converted into the Swanwick Centre and offers group retreats and monthly events that support conscious living through self-inquiry.

It also offers a serene space for personal retreats and rentals by groups interested in health and well-being of body, mind and spirit.

**The book (by Swami King) is a spoof and not available on Amazon. However, the dog is REAL…