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Thoughts – Lynn Van Gundy

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Thoughts After A Morning Walk By the Sea

Lynn Van Gundy

So…everything “I” see is imagined…..

The only real thing is conscious awareness recognizing the play of light…..

“I” am NO-thing….”I” am imagined….”We” are all figments of imagination.

Every single thing is a projection….a thought…..an illusion.

“I” create images wherever “I” cast my gaze.

Sensory things happen which are all electrical impulses sorted out by mind and brain.

They SEEM real….but….hand me a thought, will you? Can I touch a thought?

Not unless I can hold a beam of light…..

The thought of “us” as flickering light enchants this mind. ……

Starlight………….Sunlight……….Pure clear LIGHT.

Where am “I”?


and omnipresent.

“I” am the Seeing….the seeing……Thee seeing.

“I” am All that “I” see.

All that is.

ALL that.


Whatever Is.

This and That….all of it. IS.

The wholeness of entirety.

After listening to a persistent whisper in 2002, Lynn Van Gundy followed its’ directive and moved from Florida to Santa Fe, New Mexico. There she met her dear friend and wayshower, Mary-Margaret Moore.

A deep and abiding friendship formed as Mary-Margaret skillfully and gently opened Lynn’s heart, mind, and soul to a new way of being.

Inspired by Mary-Margaret’s “sharings”, Lynn produced a video titled “Conversations with Extraordinary Women: Mary-Margaret Moore.” The purpose was to broadcast the awareness that we all share One Essence, and how to find peace in a seemingly chaotic world.

She welcomes emails at:  LynnVanGundy@hotmail.com

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