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Round Table Series

Top Quotes from the NDA Roundtable Series

We are currently hard at work preparing Part Three of the Non-Dual Roundtable Series. Lots of folks have really enjoyed this special series. We truly appreciate your continued support and link-love!

In the meantime, please enjoy some of the most highlighted quotes from the previous two discussions.


  • RUPERT SPIRA  “There is no relationship between that which is not and that which is. The activity of resisting and seeking that is sometimes called the ‘ego’ appears to veil the non-dual nature but in fact does not. Therefore, the ego is only real from the point of view of the imaginary ego”

  • SCOTT KILOBY  “You can never find the actual object “self” or “ego.” You only find the movement that seems to refer to an ego.”

  • NIRMALA  “Words do not contain the truth, they only point us to it.”

  • GARY CROWLEY  “Do notice that everything has changed and nothing has changed, since it’s what you have always already been.”

  • RANDALL FRIEND  “Appearance is essence, essence is appearance. Not-two.”

  • GREG GOODE  “Form and emptiness are inseparable. You never have one without the other.”

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