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The Five W’s

This site is devoted to celebrating the message of nonduality [or what some call awakening/enlightenment] and bringing it to a wider audience.

We at Non-Duality America value openness and inclusion. We welcome the diversity of voices that are now speaking about nonduality (in addition to the various traditions). We hope you will share this spirit of openness and inclusion with us.

This site is for those who are interested in the nondual reality whether you are a newbie, seeker and or awakened being [experienced teacher, writer, speaker, scholar, scientist or therapist etc.].

If this your first visit, then let it be known that I’m not a guru, coach, teacher or anything remotely close to those labels. I’m just an ordinary person who likes to create things and share interesting content, which hopefully people will enjoy, learn from, share with other humans and or be inspired from. What started out as a simple idea to help spread the word about all things “nonduality” has blossomed and grown beyond our wildest expectations.

*We’ve also grown over the years and expanded our coverage to include Zen, Meditation, Tao, Buddhism, Art, Books, Poetry, Film/Video/DVD, Music and many other creative endeavors!

This project would not have been possible without the openness of the spiritual community, and its willingness to experiment and share the multitude of ideas, teachings and writings. The folks who’ve helped out and participated know who they are and you have my unending gratitude.

As we continue doing the best we can to offer you the highest quality material and service, we are always open to your ideas and suggestions.

If you wish to submit a spiritual article, poem or other artistic work for possible inclusion, then please get in touch via the Contact page.

We hope you enjoy our vision – please help spread the love and be of service to the community.

N-joy the site!

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